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what is Soro?

SORO, redefining the way we communicate! An app of its kind that allows more than simple calls and group video calls. We bring a whole new way families and friends are connecting.

SORO is a universal video messaging apps that allows all users to make free video calls, and voice calls with friends all around the globe. While also having the option of making their conversations public to the Soro server.

  • Voice and Video Calls-Totally free voice and video calls with loved ones.
  • Message-Chat and send instant messaging in real time.
  • Video Blogging– make conversations public via SORO server and create VLOGS.
  • Live Broadcast– Go live and share personal experience with the whole world.
  • Payment Features– link bank accounts to exercise easy and secure transactions.
  • Group Conference-Important group conferences via voice or video calls.

A Fantastic Communication Tool!

We are developing a worldwide system that creates interactions between people  that supports key features such as  voice calling, group video calling, group chat,  live broadcasting and payment features. Hear from the users their experience.

Our User Response

Star Reviews
Amazing App! I can group call with my friends with amazing connection.
Ayomide Aderohunmu
Great app for video calling
Mohammad Asif
Love this app, Its dope!!!!!
Google User
The soro app is absolutely amazing!! I was using it for a study session and the picture and sounds were perfect. I could hear and see everyone clearly! This is the app we’re now going to start using for our study session when we can’t meet in person!!
Temi F
Works seamlessly. Very good in its video conference ability. Amazing stuff.

Soro News

Meet The Team

Melody Hassan
Melody HassanCMO
Melody Hassan, a social media enthusiast with keen interest in the dynamics of the communication media, is albeit, a graduate of Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of Lagos.
She is the host of the mid-morning radio show in one of the urban radio stations in Lagos, Nigeria. Melody is a writer and sometimes a highly opinionated on myriads of issues, especially those affecting young women.
As an admirer of quintessential relationships (platonic, romantic, business etc.), the drive to make communication seamless and exceptionally personal with the right spice, led to her being an integral part of the SORO app.
Chidi Oha
Chidi OhaGeneral Counselor
Another wizard from the legal world, Chidi Oha, has an awesome manner of telling things about himself without bragging too much. Some refer to him as the “legal muscle” of Soro app Incorporated, but thats neither here nor there.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter where he shows up, Chidi Oha is fully equipped to do battle. Soro app Inc. reaps the benefit of Chidi’s considerable knowledge, experience, courage and intense personal investment, as well as his courage and ready sense of humor.
Lola Ishola
Lola IsholaCEO
The youngest in charge with resiient attitude. Lola Ishola is a woman of many hats with a variety of skills needed to lead SORO into its success. Never taking no for an answer, Lola Ishola is strategic and analytical with no fear of changing route when the original plan no longer works. Working in a healthcare setting for about 8 years Lola graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelors degree in Human Sciences. As a loving Philanthropist, her ability to lead at Soro App Inc. comes from her passion from seeing the things this company can do to help her community.
Simple yet classy, with the rest of the Soro team by her side she plans on taking Nigeria by a storm!
Chuck Okonkwo
Chuck Okonkwo CFO/Treasurer
Chuck Okonkwo brings passion and motivation to Soro App inc table. As the company treasurer, Chuck looks over and helps maintain Soro budget. With his skills in financing, Chuck focuses on the best affordable ways to execute the company’s vision.
He believes digitally connected enterprises develop an excellent and efficient way to communicate while branching out intel. His goal with SORO is to bridge an international gap in order to discover the beauty of Africa.
Braylon Hartfield
Braylon HartfieldCOO
I love to communicate. There will always be someone to socialize with whether it is for work or for pleasure! There is always an emphasis on how we communicate with each other. I took the time to sit down one day and analyze all the various avenues that folks have to talk to one another, and there is just so many! How do we decide which is best to use with some many options? I thought to myself we can do so much with just one app if we only think through it. It is my goal to help create a better all inclusive way for our customers to communicate at the click of one app. I am here to make SORO inclusively exclusive for you!

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